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Trying to get my thumb green, and going in the deep end!

The Before pictures

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“A garden requires patient labor and attention.  Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions.  They thrive because someone expended effort on them.”

Liberty Hyde Bailey

As the Sun dips down onto the horizon setting the sky into an amazing aray of hues of oranges yellows and blues, I am sitting in my living room excited with what is around the corner. With this excitement i’m posting these before pictures of my backyard garden with hope that they will be completely different at the end of this year.  How much will have happened then? The worst thing would be.. that my house will be surrounded by a sea of never ending weeds that are like trees. ( Fail to the ninth degree!)  The best thing would be.. somewhat of a structured functional garden that serves as pleasing to the eyes, as well as producing fruits, veg, and eggs! Also the Alfresco to actually be a place where we can entertain and just enjoy in the next summer.

So lets take a tour of my epic garden so far (well.. the blank canvas as they say). Okay it’s not epic btw ( that was my attempt of sarcasm and humor mixed in.. I don’t think it worked hey?) Anyway lets have a look at my backyard!

This is the view from my kitchen. We have yet to pave the alfresco, or do anything for that matter. I'd like to make this area into a really nice outdoor room .

This is the view from my kitchen. We have yet to pave the alfresco, or do anything for that matter. I’d like to make this area into a really nice outdoor room .

This is the view exiting the alfresco to the left. We have the view of growing weeds alongside the fence… a nice features and my attempts to temporarily grow Kiwi Berries until there is a permanent place in the garden. And also the chook house were Rosie and Scarlet Live

This is the view exciting the alfresco to the right. Here we see ample room to do anything really except for the drain covers right in the corner. I’m excited to use this space! Or transform the space!

Basically this is the right side of the house. You used to not be able to see the garage door!


This is the left side of the house where they cleared the jungle and basically my backyard heroes put in place a garden bed alongside the house. This is my respite for my acquired vegetables/herbs at the moment. majority of these vegetables are in pots until everything is finalized on this side!


As I may have mentioned there are some casualties!

IMG_0846 IMG_0854

Now the gardener came over this morning and he’s estimated that doing the left side of the house will cost us around the $1090 dollar mark.  He’s going to, build a gate around the beginning of the garden bed, level out the dirt, finish the second garden back towards the back, top up the garden bed with garden soil, with the path, putting a weed matt down and then more dirt followed by a good sprinkle of lawn seeds. He is going to try to attempt this in a weekend.  With the amount of work and materials needed I think the amount of work that he’s going to embark on ( may the force be with him)  is essentially fair.

Also it’s handy to note that my hubby is not a handy man. His last ditch attempt was putting shelves up in the garage which he accidentally whilst drilling the walls.. hit a pipe which ended up with the entire garage and it’s contents flooded and myself immediately trying to find a plumber whilst hubby tried to shut off the water to the house.. Since then he’s developed a phobia to all things handy ish.

I’m willing to learn.. but with my past history of mishaps ( including hoeing the garden only to find the hoeing tool lodged in my leg.. an unfortunate misjudgement) and clumsiness leads me to being very prone to hurting or killing myself in the process of learning. So im going to learn from the gardener all things handy .. as that would then be .. with supervision!

So in that respects it’s probably a good idea to see what the gardener does and see the plans of myself and husband come into fruition.. safely!

Will put the compost around the back of this side of house as well as the worm farm. Hopefully the cycle will be once everything is in place:

  • Cleaning out the Chook house once a week.
  • After replacing bedding of the chookhouse, placing the castings as well as the weekly clean into the worm farm/ compost
  • This breaks down to rich fertile mulch which I can distribute into the garden
  • Garden benefits from this rich Mulch.
  • Collection of food from the Garden
  • Leftovers go to the chickens
  • Repeat from the top!

This initially is the grand plan or scheme of things! I also know that hopefully the water feature will also do the same for the garden as well eventually. I hear that the fish poop as well as the ammonia in the water is great fertilizer for the plants. I might actually ask Rod the gardener who worked at the horticultural center for years before transferring this year at the hardware store about what his opinion is on this!

So that’s it from me. The sun has now well and truly set and there are a TON of plants to re-pot and new herbs to plant as well however this will have to wait till tomorrow.  So i’ll let you know what i’m re-potting tomorrow. But that’s it. I guess, that and chick proofing my back yard. ( there are a lot of gaps in the fences and we have neighbors who have dogs!!… there is going to be no baby chicken snacks for them , this I vow!)

Here’s hoping that you’re doing great. If you’re in Australia please be safe this is a long weekend! And for everyone else out there have a wonderful weekend!

Till tomorrow!




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