The Noobie Gardener

Trying to get my thumb green, and going in the deep end!


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“We keep moving forward, opening doors, and doing new things , because we’re curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. “

Walt Disney

So you know how i’m a noobie at almost everything existing in my backyard, and I mean everything.  Remember how I have a broody ( wants to be a Mum so much) chicken that decided to sit in her nest so I put some fertilised eggs underneath her and was told that it was going to be due to hatch last Tuesday, and on Tuesday nothing happened? Well if you didn’t you do now!

So my motto which sometimes gets me into a whole lot of trouble is : “When in doubt find out”

Well alot has happened since then! Well.. as any noobie on anything if something doesn’t happen textbook wise.. panick will have set in. SO, i initially panicked, emailed my chicken guru as well as hitting Dr. Google.

Let me tell you something if you’re worried, new about something and care about something or a situation so much.. Dr. Google can help you in some ways.. and in others to stress you out some more!! I tell you what, I have never been so interested in Chicken embryology in all my life, i’ve never been so excited about eggs in all my life… an egg.. period! It’s a bit overwhelming what you can find on the web, if the temperature is off it can delay the hatch, hatch too early there may be something wrong with the chicks, hatch late there may be something wrong with the chicks, they should hatch at day 21, actually they can hatch beyond day 21, oh look someone said her chicks hatched at day 28! Don’t help the chick hatch it could die, do help the chick in some circumstances, if the chicks haven’t hatched these are the bazillion reasons why.. and then what to do with unhatched eggs.. unhatched chick ragu anyone?! (eep!) So while I was reading ten billion miles per hour on every information I could find, every forum post..

I finally got an email from my Chicken Guru which simply stated, give it a couple of days it may take longer for the chicks to hatch. Another thing that i’ve learnt is this: it’s text book for chicks to hatch on day 21, however it may take longer and as any newbie will do ,panic and want to help.. the best thing that you can do is let nature take it’s course. Sometimes intervening can cause more trouble so having patience is what I need to do!

So Tuesday came and went… and that was day 21, Day 22 Wednesday morning, nothing… went to work and came back to a completely empty shell and a “Peep peep peep!” Relief!! However only one egg has hatched! Day 23  today, checked on Scarlett and still some peeping but not multiple peeps. However i’ve replaced the water, cleaned the coop and heeding the advice of others on the net.. and Dr. Google… Leave Mamma Alone!!

So i’m officially leaving Mamma Alone and as much as i want to check on her now and then, i’m just going to work today and try and refrain myself from checking or looking!!

I also feel that if the other chicks don’t hatch by day 25 i might have to check the eggs (candle) to see what’s happening. There also like my plants may be casualties. But here’s hoping the other chicks may be well on the way. So that’s the update! One chick who survived the night and peeping away and hopefully the rest to follow!!

But it’s amazing that natures miracles is happening in my backyard! Do your work oh mother nature and lets hope there’s siblings for the lil chick!


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