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Trying to get my thumb green, and going in the deep end!

Grafting lil chicks and hoping Mama will take em in!

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“Would women find vampires even sexier and more romantic if instead of fangs they had rose thorns?  It’s thoughts like these I think of when digging in my garden, looking for my one true love ( If only I could remember where I buried her!)”
Jarod Kintz

HELLO!! Ahhhh a brand spanking new glorious day especially after yesterday, how are you? I hope you’re doing well! My goodness that was such a sad start yesterday but hey new beginnings with a new day!  I am so so so so tired, I know this sounds silly but after last night I couldn’t sleep very well.  But more about that later, in the meantime  let me introduce the other chicks that have come our way. Fresh from my Chicken Guru’s brooder, here is :

the hopefully adopted chicks!

the hopefully adopted chicks!

I know it’s hard to see , from the above picture, in the meantime the one on the far right upper trying to get under Scarlett is Cashew (husbands idea that we should have a brother to Peanut ) she ( i hope) is a Wyandotte silver laced chick, the yellow chick who decided to be in everyones food including herself is a Peckin Bantam called ” Popcorn” and the one next to Mum is another Peckin Bantam called “Munchkin” and way in the back all confused and happy like is , who everyone knows “Pip”. So thats the whole gang! Okay I got pictures of them all!

Cashew; Wyandotte bantam chick

Cashew; Wyandotte bantam chick Pretty shy lil one, always hiding under Mum or runs away!

Popcorn : Peckin Bantam chick

Popcorn : Peckin Bantam chick, bit of a ditzy one.. the only chick i’ve ever seen who does.. circles.. litterally and a bit clumsy. Entertaining and cute to watch! Survived the onslaught of Rosie! the Survivor!


Munchkin : Peckin Bantam chick, bit of a Brat, already today pecked both mums eyes and made her squawk LOUD! Not to mention around her face and a little adventurer. This one is one to watch, I’d call her Cheeky if she didn’t already have a name!


Pip: Peckin Bantam Chick; who looks just like Munchkin although you can tell the difference as she’s a bit smaller. Must’ve been born a day or two after Munchkin but a bit more placid and settled as she was with Mum all yesterday and the day before.

As suggested by my Chicken Guru aka Fleur, we managed to quietly and with as little disturbance as possible swap her eggs out for chicks one by one. However Rosie was in the coop. Now I checked them again at 12 midnight to be sure everything was going okay which they were.. and then woke up first light to check on the coop. Worried however that Rosie was getting into the chicks when we checked this morning. Really pecking at Sunshine ( who seems to be alright) and Munchkin. So we closed up the coop and Rosie is hanging outside for the day. Our dilemma is tonight when everyone has to go to bed, where will Rosie go? As we don’t want her to attack Scarlett or the chicks and also be alone. This is the question that i’m posing to my chicken Guru as we speak.

I guess the reason why I was worried last night was that Peanut when we found him was smooshed. I’ve heard of Broody hens/mama who thought that the chicks were intruders, not theirs, for some reason didn’t belong and killed their own chicks. ( thanks Dr. Google!) But so far so good. I keep checking now and then and rest assured they’re kinda doing okay.  So that’s the chicken side of the story. Any suggestions on what to do with Rosie would be greatly appreciated!

Also the noob that I am in the gardening side, i’m really excited for someone who has never really grown anything that developed vegetables before!

So i’m doing the whole cycle of cleaning out the pen, putting it on the Garden, and letting everything feed my garden and so far even though they’re in pots temporarily the vegies are doing great! So after checking out the chickens, the cats, myself and hubby and I perused the garden and low and behold this morning I noticed some vegetables growing! Baby chicks and Baby Vegies!!Firstly the broadbeans that i’ve planted from seeds are sprouting onwards and upwards pretty fast!

Broadbeans shooting for the sky

Broadbeans shooting for the sky

This is my first tomato! ( great guns!! you would’ve thought that i’ve never seen a tomato before)

Small as a cherry tomato at this stage but hopes for it to grow more!

Small as a cherry tomato at this stage but hopes for it to grow more!

as well as..

My first eggplant! (YAY!)

Yes that purple thing there is a small small teeny weeny eggplant but my first. My dad keeps boasting that his eggplant plant has 15 on it... I'll start with one and hope for more to come!

Yes that purple thing there is a small small teeny weeny eggplant but my first. My dad keeps boasting that his eggplant plant has 15 on it… I’ll start with one and hope for more to come!

Okay okay, i know it’s just vegetables Detty I know, nothing to be really excited about. I guess the difference is that i’ts not from the grocery store, i’m reducing my carbon print by doing exactly what i’m doing now.. growing and eventually eating from my backyard! I’ve never watched vegetables really grow and after looking after and hatching pip, and watching my vegetables grow it’s sparked a deeper respect for where food comes from and how.  We really do take our food for granted and how it gets on our plate.

So other than that, there’s a whole stockpile of clothes to iron, clean, do the floors and recheck Scarlette and the chicks! ( so much to do in so little time!)

Well seeya later alligator!



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