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Handy dandy tips: Vegie garden wise!

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“Spending time in Nature has a way of Nurturing the soul”

Katrina Mayer

Hey there, how are you going? I hope that you are having a lovely weekend, today has been a productive one and I am once again blogging nearly around midnight exhausted and gearing up for Monday again. How time flies!

Well amidst running around like a headless chook I actually went to the hardware store and whilst buying some chicken wire to make a little temporary run outside in the back whilst I was checking out the PA system alerted all customers interested in learning how to Garden during winter and grow vegetables during winter.

So I thought to myself.. if not why not? Lets check it out. Turns out I was the only person there however it actually was quite good and in the end there was another employee who was working in the nursery who joined in.

I’m partially writing this as we speak so I can kinda make a note and remind myself later on down the track! So here’s what I learnt and anyone out there who can add more handy dandy tips re: Vegie Gardens is more than welcome to join in.

In regards to Setting up the garden beds:

* When setting up the soil in your garden bed be sure to use the right soil. Now if you have a solid base on the raised /garden bed it’s best to use Potting mix, however if you don’t and it’s ontop of soil ( first if it has clay break it up with Gypsum), you use good quality garden soil. Try and use the soil with the ticks and it may be more expensive but if you have good soil it will reward you.

*Boost your soil with manure, even make a mix of it. What was recommended in the DIY workshop was : Chicken, Sheep and Cow. Mix and match!

*Raw Chicken Manure is bad for the plants it can actually do more harm than good, it’s best to put it in a pile where it will mature and then it can be applied to your plants with good effect.

* Plant according to season!

*When planting, to help establish roots and overall plants recovery water in with Seasol: and soluble seaweed based fertiliser. However afterwards every two weeks use a fertiliser. Seasol has also made this fertiliser called ” Vegie Power” which will boost your plants up!

*Blood and bone is good as well but is missing some nutrients essential to the plant like Seasol. Substitute with Potassium

*Want to deter pests and save your plants? Try Derrus Dust, organic originating from roots, Derrus Dust is simply applied once a week on your vegie plants and voila it’s an organic pesticide!

*If you’re planting in a pot or any raised bed above for example concrete or a base with a few holes for drainage it’s best to use Potting Mix. Potting mix isn’t actually made out of dirt but of bark and compost with other nutrients added in.

*Mulch mulch and more Mulch on top and as it breaks down it actually is very good for the plants as well.

*When the vegie plants are flowering to help it produce more fruit, try adding potash and watch your vegies come to life!

So here’s hoping I got that all down! If there is ever a free seminar on gardening DIY in your hardware store give it a go! I learnt so much and I also learnt in Bunning Aisle 24 is where it’s all at! 😀




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