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“It takes half your life before you realise your life is a DIY project”

Napoleon Hill

Good evening everyone! Whilst it’s near the end of the day I realise that it’s been a couple of days since I last wrote.

Well there is good news and bad news.. Good news, it’s a beautiful day and today was one of the most stable days that we’ve had in Autumn! Bad news : Yesterday Cashew died.. I know it’s really sad.  I was actually worried about Cashew , as she would always be the last one to follow scarlett around.. but got there eventually. So I thought nothing of it. However last night Cashew must have not been able to get back to Scarlett and we found him already passed away in the coop. So we buried him with the apple tree and we’ve vowed everytime we have an apple we’ll know it’s cashew’s apple.

So now we’re left with three but Good news, they’re doing really well and already their wings already are starting to resemble wings, their feathers are growing on their wings already!

Bad news.. this week is definitely one of the most expensive weeks that we have with the gate being built on the side of the house, the chicken coop delivery on Friday ( a bigger one) as well as the wedding that we will be filming on the weekend.. but Good News.. it’s actually inspired me to see where else that we can save.

Now inspired by Greening Gavin I was persuing his website before work and it dawned on me. What other things are we spending on besides food? Cleaning and personal products!

Low and behold i’ve been Dr. Googling and yes you can make your own Laundry Detergent! Yes you can make your own soap, Yes you can make your own lotions and moisturisers and it may cost some money but down the track it works out to be so much more cheaper. I’m now inspired to find out how to DIY some more! The more I looked the more I was amazed that I could prehaps DIY alot of things that I buy from the store!

So there you have it! Just a lil shpeel on good and bad news. However I ended on a Good News!! So there you go!

This is an added bonus as most detergents / cleaning products have lemon scents in them. My husband is allergic to all things citrus and chocolate and this also includes smell! So this is very good news!

Well i’ll let you know how it goes!




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