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You have your Good days and your Bad days

“You know Detty, Gardening is the most expensive hobby that you’ll have, but it is by far the most rewarding.”

My Mother

Hey there!

Let me just tell you that today has been mixed up with highs and lows. Nevertheless I’m sitting here at the end of the day with the aim of doing some more planting and watering at night before I go to sleep. Apparently though the night time around Summer is the best time to garden as it takes you away from the heat ( which I wish I had listened to my Mum about), it allows for better transfers and gives your plants ample time to adjust and recover from being transplanted.

So after this I still have some work to do.  But I dont mind this. I have actually found that I like repotting and gardening in general allows you to just zone out and do your own thing. I’ve also learned that your wheelbarrow is your best friend in this whole process and a really nice shovel, gloves and mask.

Mask? You ask? Well using potting mix, lucrene hay, blood and bone and soil , the air can get contaminated with microbes which aren’t fairly particularly healthy for your immune system, or lungs.  So you have to take precautions!

So what went wrong today?

Well.. as I was checking on Scarlett and Rosie ( it is a hot autumn day today so I just wanted to make sure that they were okay) i looked on at Scarlet and she looked really lethargic. Scarlett is my broody hen who is sitting on the eggs ( day 20 ). Anyway, from day 18 to 21 is lockdown you’re not meant to touch them, you’re meant to let them do their own thing. These eggs have to stay warm constantly at this stage and 18-21 days is the last days of the process of hatching eggs.

So I lift the roof of the coop and look at Scarlett who is teaming with mites. I then go to look on what is involved with a broody hen , last days with mites. This in addition to an exceptionally hot day is not good for Scarlett at all. I look online and low and behold it can be quite dangerous for Chickens , in fact broody chickens with mites can be deadly. So it was kinda an emergency. I contacted my lady who owns BookAChook and basically pestine /dust chickens away. I also read that it’s a good idea to change the bedding as well and dust inside as well.

So I get the pestine , the bedding and get back home asap to dust Rosie and Scarlett. I arrive home and quickly make my way to the chicken coop. Firstly I dust Rosie. Rosie is fine she takes the dusting and goes on her merry way into the garden. I then make my way to Scarlett. Scarlett being broody is not in the mood for a good dusting. On top of that she detests and fights but as I dust and set her down she makes her way to join Rosie. I take this oppourtunity to then clean out the coop, dust and replace the bedding and in the meantime put the eggs back in the clean nest.

However as time went by after the clean rosie and scarlett didn’t go back in. They were in a sense.. i guess all knowing that it wasn’t the old bedding or something wasnt quite right. Unfortunately during this whole phase the eggs cooled down considerably. Apparently the temperatures can play a vital role in the viability of a chick or hatching or even death. Eventually scarlett realised that these were her eggs and settled down but by that stage my heart sank as I knew that those eggs cooled down. They are meant to be / due to be hatching tomorrow / Wednesday. So… I guess the rule of thumb is, that if they dont hatch on the specific day, wait a couple more days and if they don’t hatch then there is a question of whether to replace those with fertile eggs. Although seeing Scarlett broody like this , I almost want to also say, lets give her a break so that she can recover and try again at a later stage. It almost kinder that way.

So that was my drama. Otherwise I decided to repot my fruit trees and put them temporarily in pots.

So here’s the before picture of the Right side of my back yard

This is exiting my alfresco to the right. We plan to have this an area that we can keep clear for future kids.

This is exiting my alfresco to the right. We plan to have this an area that we can keep clear for future kids.

So in went the fig, lemonade tree, dwarf red delicious trees and pineapple guava trees. Again it’s only temporary until we  build a permanant plot for the trees to go into. Anyway this is what it looks like now.

Temporary places for my fruit trees for now.

Temporary places for my fruit trees for now.

So for now im hoping that after transferring the fruit trees into a sunny position in the backyard it will flourish for the time being.

Okay well back to it and I guess we’ll see how the chickens go tomorrow.